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Organization, the first spoke in the "Wheel of Management"

Management is a multifaceted skill, each facet seemingly standing on it's own, and yet all so interdependent. This is rather like a wagon wheels.  Without all the spokes in place, the wheel would probably turn but the ride would certainly be bumpy.

Organization is the first spoke because without question it is the most basic, and the most abused.


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A New Article Series: The Wheel of Management!

We have just launched a new series of articles in "The Wheel of Management" We think you will like them!

Organization, the First Spoke in the Wheel of Management.

Management is a multifaceted skill, each facet seemingly standing on it's own, and yet all so interdependent that alone they are almost meaningless and only function fully when all are in place. This is rather like the old fashioned wagon wheels, several spokes supporting the wheel rim around the hub. Without all the spokes in place, the wheel would probably turn but the ride would certainly be bumpy, and the risk of calamitous failure of the wheel extraordinarily high. 

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Delegation, the Second and most vital Spoke in the "Wheel of Management".

Delegation is perhaps the most critical skill for managers to develop, and is also the most misunderstood. In the discussion it will begin to become clear that all the tasks and skills of management are interrelated and they all need to be part of the managers arsenal to lubricate the functioning of the organization as a whole.  

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Evaluation, the Third and most Misused Spoke in the "Wheel of Management".

This is the third article in the series entitled "The Wheel of Management." In the series I have talked about the spectrum of management tasks and shown how they interrelate. In this article  I intend to deal with evaluation because it is so often absent from small company processes, and when it is not absent it is most often misused. This article discusses formal "performance evaluation"

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Discipline, the Fourth and most Neglected Spoke in the "Wheel of Management".

For the fourth article in the series entitled "The Wheel of Management" I have picked discipline as the subject. Many managers will be surprised that I have elevated what most see as a simple HR function to a major management discipline, but I see the imposition of a well structured disciplinary process as being an important component of employee development.

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Measurement, the Fifth and most Essential Spoke in the "Wheel of Management".

Many studies over the years have shown that people are as much if not more motivated by self esteem as they are by reward. It is also a proven fact that performance improves simply as a result of being measured. Are these two facts  related? I believe they are, and this becomes the subject of this the fifth article in the series entitled "The Wheel of Management".

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Communication, the Sixth and most Valuable Spoke in the "Wheel of Management".

As we approach the end of the series of articles entitled "The Wheel of Management", I want to start to tie all the concepts we have discussed together. In many of the articles I have used the phrase, "Tell your people what you expect of them." In this the sixth  article in the series I want to talk a little about how best to do this, and also to remember there is a second part of communicating, which is called listening. 

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Planning, The Hub of the "Wheel of Management".

So far in the series of articles entitled "The Wheel of Management" we have dealt with the six spokes or processes which keep the wheels of business turning. We all know that those spokes will collapse if not attached to the hub, so what in the process of management is the hub. The answer to this question is demonstrated from experience. Companies that have a formal planning process are generally more successful than those that do not! Yes, planning is what makes all of the processes of management more efficient, and I sincerely believe that the investment in planning is the most productive investment any business owner can make.

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Accountability: The Rim of the "Wheel of Management".

In previous articles in the series of articles entitled "The Wheel of Management" we talked about organization, delegation, measurement, evaluation, communication and discipline, each critical components of an effective management system, and we saw that all of these processes had a common theme. All of the processes also had a common objective - the fostering of a climate of accountability:

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